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And I heard a voice from heaven saying, “Write this down: Blessed are those who die in the Lord from now on. Yes, says the Spirit, they are blessed indeed, for they will rest from their hard work; for their good deeds follow them!” - Revelation 14:13 New Living Translation  

We remember members and friends who are dear to our hearts.  Let us give thanks to the Lord for the gift of their presence in our lives.  Let us thank God for the times we shared with them and the multiple precious memories that still brings joy to our hearts.  We rejoice in the knowledge that one day we will see them again.


in loving memory of

Janice Mae Allen

Pierre Alston

Jamal J.  Ashby

Celia Bracy

Tyquan T. Bradford-Daniels

Euralee Branch

Earl T.  Brooks

Elrena Brown

Janet Williams Burgess

Emma Mae Burley

Rev. Clarence W. Cason

Patricio A. Cave

Inez Chappelle

Lelia Clark

Veta M. Clarke

Richard Coleman

Kevin Crawford

Parrish T. Davis

Doris  Dickerson

Allison Edwards

Deanna  Elder

Carol Everette

Vaughn V. Ewell

Karen  Faulkner

Gary Fikes

Ada S. Francois

Kevin Gardner

Monica Goods

Monica  Grant

Henry B. Gray

Marilyn Henegan

Benda  Hewitt

Beverly S. Hewitt

Dorrell E Hibbert

Thelma  Hightower

Norman D. Hill

Elijah Hodge

Ida  Howard

Robert Hyatt

Carolyn  Ismail

Tameka M. Jones

Bernice V. Jones

Yubette S. Williams Laster-Wilkins

Johnny W.  Lawrence

Lorraine Leacock

Melvin C Martin

James  Miller Jr.

Haywood Mitchell Jr.

Jerry M. Patterson

George Peterson III

Loymay Powell

Elton L.  Prescott

Alice  Prioleau

Sara Prude

Grace Reid

Dennis Robinson

Napoleon L. Robinson

Mary A. Seay

Kandace V. Simmons

Thelma Siverls

Joy Smickle

Joyce Smith

Peter A. Standard

Imogene Stephens

Rev. Roslyn N. Stevens

Saundra Stokes

Iraina  Stone

John Taylor

Margally Theodore

Evelyn Washington

Annabelle Washington

Suzanne Williams

Michelle Williams

Douglass Young


in loving memory of

Bernice Adams

Carolyn McCalla Allen

Thomas Allen

Abraham Andrews

Bryan Andrews

Johnny Ballom

Clarice Elaine Barnes

Inez Bennett

Andrea Black

Edward Blackston

Nicholas Blake

Pauline Blake

Michael Brancroft Brown

Derik Allen Braswell

Taft Brown

Wanda Campbell

Joseph Campo

Clarena Carter

Jeffrey Chiles

Victor Cogburn

Howard Crosby

Jacqueline Cunningham

Larry Dantzler

Giro A. Dekie

Cynthia Annette Dodson

Ronald Drayton

Ruth Ervin

Hazel Farnum

Karen C. Faulkner

Joann Foster

Mary Francis

Ivan Gardner

Evang. Christine Gibson

Monica P. Goods

Victoria Gourdine

Monica Grant

Barbara Hilton

Kodjo Hor

Clyster Janice Hudson

Grace Humphrey

Elma L. Jackson

Ellen C. James

Jason L. Johnson

Nora Johnson

Vivian Kennedy

Carolyn Langaigne-Cox

Ronald Lowry III

David Manning

Steve McGee

Herman Mike Sr.

Rebecca Miller

James Luke Miller Jr.

Barbara Mitchell

Ronald Westley Naggie

Charles Nedd

Anna President

Willie Mae Price

Daisha Toya Riley

Paul Seales

Laura Smith

Gale Smith-Cooke

Carrie Stallings

Saundra Stokes

Oscar Summers

Lucille Tompkins

Mozelle Wade

Otis Walsh

Evelyn H. Washington

Ruthella A. Watson

Patricia Owens White

Cheryl Williams

Shrowne Williams

Thelma Williams

Ronald Williams Sr.