Shame, sin, fear, bitterness and so much more burden, entrap and rob us of the joy, purpose and peace Christ died for us to have. The Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral of New York invites you to SOUL CARE, a virtual conference held November 12-14.  During this (3) day conference you will learn and apply Biblical principles for healing the soul and overcoming broken and sinful areas of life.

Soul Care is an inner healing deliverance ministry created by Dr. Rob Reimer, designed to facilitate lasting life change so that we can go deeper in Christ and have access to the freedom that Christ died for us to have.


The (7) main principles Dr. Reimer focuses on to get to the root of our soul issues and ultimately lead us to a greater freedom in Christ are:


1. Identity/Overcoming Lies About Yourself

2. Repentance

3. Breaking Family Sin Patterns

4. Forgiving Others

5. Healing Wounds

6. Overcoming Fears

7. Deliverance


Virtually, together we will encounter anointed teachings, form triads and get experiential ministry time in this amazing conference. Through this Soul Care Conference, walk with Dr. Rob Reimer as he leads participants, like you, through action steps like repentance, forgiving others and securing your identity on a life-changing journey to fullness and freedom by the power of Jesus Christ! Self care is soul care-invest in caring for your soul!