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A. Successfully Living Single  (For Single Men Only) – Living single for some is a time of great freedom and joy, while for others it’s a time filled with compromise and disappointments. Living as a single man is a great opportunity to fulfill your God-ordained purpose without any limitations. Whether if you desire to be married, you are satisfied living as an unmarried man, you’ve experienced divorce or the death of a spouse, you will be empowered to successfully live single and saved.

B. Making Marriage Work (For Married and Engaged Men Only) – Many think that marrying their “soul-mate” will make marriage easier. Marriage is not simply about marrying the right one. It’s about being the right one for the spouse that God has blessed you with. The making of a great marriage requires putting in a lot of work. This workshop is designed to equip husbands with the practical tools to “Make Marriage Work” for God’s glory and for both spouses enjoyment.

C. Super Dad, Not Superman (For Father’s Only) – We are often fascinated by superheroes such as Superman and the incredible things they do. Their accomplishments are usually achieved by their unique characteristics and abilities. It is safe to say that our families are looking for Super Dads not Superman to be present in their daily lives. While not expecting perfection our families deserve our Godly best. This workshop will equip dads with the tools to be amazing dads to their young children, teens, and adult children.

D. Sharpening the Leader Within – From the classroom to the boardroom, in the living room and even the bedroom, every man has a sphere of influence in which God has called him to lead. Leadership is nothing to tinker with. There must be an intentionality to develop, maintain and strengthen the capacity to lead at every level. Reignite your passion to lead as we focus on practical and Biblical tools to ensure your leadership ax remains sharp!

E. It’s Time For A Career Shift – Continual personal and career development is a key component for advancement and shifting careers in an ever-changing job market. This workshop is designed to help men who are looking to make themselves more marketable in their careers and to equip men who are considering a career change. You will learn principles that will help you to make necessary career shifts before so that you are not left out of what’s coming next.

F. Retire Inspired (For Retirees or Near Retirement) – Can I afford to retire right now? Do I have enough money saved? What do I need to do to make sure that my family will be taken care of in the event that something happens to me? I’ve worked hard all of my life, now what? These are questions that many men have as they approach or enter retirement. This workshop will provide you with a practical guide to help you “Retire Inspired.”