Cathedral History

The Greater Allen Cathedral has witnessed continued growth, the completion of a $5 million addition to the school and the completion of a $42 million senior citizen assisted living complex comprised of 330 units. This brings the Cathedral’s overall units in senior housing to 630, and our asset base to $92 million. With a congregation of over 18,000 members, Prospect Magazine has listed Allen as the 57th largest church in America.

Parenthetically, according to that list it is also the largest A.M.E. Church in the Connection. During this year Allen continued to be chronicled in national media including Ebony and Essence Magazines, The History Channel and Public Television (PBS).

With our focus on spiritual, educational, social and economic development, we are considered the model for what is currently referred to as:

“Faith-based Community Initiatives.”

The dynamic move of the spirit has indeed manifested itself in ways that border on the miraculous because the people dare to believe that with God they can do what is perceived as the impossible.